Online Tribute V/S Newspapers

Why Giving a tribute, obituary or remembrance advertisement in newspapers is not the ideal way to pay your tribute to your loved ones


Newspapers are littered around road-side, used for wrapping oily food, thrown in dustbins & people read it in toilets - it is just not the right place to publish the memories of your loved ones.
You cannot change people’s habits but you can certainly change the way you give tributes to your loved ones. Give a beautiful and respectful
online tribute!

REACH - Newspapers reach a very small population of your city. A so-called national newspaper (name undisclosed) reaches less than 10% population of just 12 cities of India. Growth of newspapers have started declining due to growth of internet and easy access. People all over the country are switching to online websites to get daily news & updates. So where do you want to be?

DURATION - An advertisement in newspaper appears for only 1 day. So chances of your ad being missed by your near and dear ones is very high. On the other hand, an online tribute ad is shown for a minimum of 14 days and the tribute page is created for a lifetime! So everyone can pay their tributes as per their own convenience! Even if they miss the ad, they can still visit the page 24x7x365!

ACTION - After reading a tribute in newspaper, your relatives sitting far away cannot do anything but give you a call back. But through online tributes, everyone can give a personal beautiful tribute to your loved ones by showering flowers, lighting a lamp or candle and sharing beautiful memories in form of messages, photos and videos they have all lived together with your loved one.

COST & SPACE LIMITATION - Newspaper rates are extremely high. A 10x10 ad in 1 city for 1 day will cost anywhere between Rs.20,000 to Rs.60,000/- (depending on city). Whereas, online tribute ad rates starts as low as Rs.5,000/- only for 14 days which also includes a lifetime tribute page with no space limitations - you can add complete biography, life achievements, photo gallery etc.


Give a Tribute to someone special and see how your family and friends react - it'll be priceless (trust us)!

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